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The standard is the standard: In a year that has been topsy turvy at best, the Steelers have somehow, some way, been as stable as they come.

With a 9-0 record, something that would almost seem impossible for any team considering the circumstances of no real offseason, no preseason, etc., the Steelers have found a way, a lot of it thanks in part to Coach Mike Tomlin.

“The standard is the standard,” said safety Cheap Terrell Edmunds Jersey. “It’s big. Regardless of any situation or circumstance, we know we have to go out there and win football games. Regardless if someone is in the protocol this week, or not, we have to go out there and it’s the next guy up.

“That has been the whole mentality and something we live and die by now. It’s something we take into every stadium and focus on getting in and out 1-0 each week. If we win, if it’s good, bad or ugly, as long as we are winning, we feel good about ourselves.”

That standard is something Tomlin preaches. Every day, every meeting, his message is consistent. And that consistency goes a long way.

“We know how 2020 has been going thus far,” said cornerback Cameron Sutton. “The offseason was challenging. Guys being in different states and areas. Guys not being able to travel and move around. All those things played a factor in not being able to do the things we would normally have on schedule. Just the constant communication, the brotherhood we have. Guys staying together. We set up some things with protocols to put us in the right direction leading into camp.

“It’s a mentality. It’s an approach. It’s how we conduct business. Day in and day out, it’s preached in the organization, it’s preached through the guys. It’s the standard we carry, the expectation that is behind the Steelers brand of football. That shows out there each and every week. Guys are behind each other. Guys are playing for one another, playing with a lot energy and passion. It’s exciting. Everyone is making plays. Guys are flying around on both sides of the ball, special teams as well. You can’t do anything but gravitate to that. It’s appreciated from a man like that who has been doing it for so long and is still so much loved.”

Sutton: ‘I never want to be a stationary guy’
Stepping up wherever asked: With cornerback Cheap Mike Hilton Jersey out with a shoulder injury for the past four games, others have been stepping up, including Cheap Cameron Sutton Jersey.

Sutton, who pretty much can play anywhere on the field, has stepped into the nickel spot, forcing a fumble for the third straight game when he knocked one free against the Bengals.

For a player who has been all over the field during his career, making an impact on the defense at one spot has been a welcome feeling.

“It feels good,” said Sutton. “Overall, it feels really good just being able to control a lot of situations, down in and down out. Having control of the middle of the field you are talking about being a part of every aspect of the game, especially the roles I am in, down in and down out. We are based upon getting off the field, stopping our opponents and shutting teams down.

“If we aren’t doing that, I feel like especially in those critical situations, that starts with me. I hold myself accountable overall with everything as far as holding us to a standard of getting off that field. That is just the expectation.

“All of the guys are hungry. All of the guys are playing for each other. There is so much energy and passion out there week in and week out. It feels really good.”

Sutton has been known for his versatility during his career, and while he hasn’t objected to settling in a little bit with Hilton out of the lineup, he accepts whatever role he has with open arms.

“I take reps everywhere,” said Sutton. “Week in and week out, I am never stationary. It might depend on the day of the week or situation throughout the week. Normally throughout the week I am not stationary at one position.

“What is more special than being versatile. I never want to be a stationary guy. That is just my style of game. Being versatile is being able to come from outside to inside, being able to play safety and come down to being able to play dime, nickel. Whatever it takes to be on the field and around the ball, that’s just what it is.

“Everyone always talks about do you want to keep moving around. I just want to play. I just want to ball. That’s it.”

A warm welcome to Heinz Field
He said it:
Sutton on the Steelers coming out as a team vs. individual players being introduced pregame at Heinz Field:
“We’re coming as a unit. We’re coming as a team. We’re carrying the fight each week as a team, as a unit.”

No practice, no problem
He said it:
Edmunds on Cheap Vince Williams Jersey:
“He is that type of guy you want to have on your squad. He makes a big hit almost every game.”

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