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AFL that much more Al Beauchamp Jersey avidly scouted and drafted players

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Al Beauchamp, one of the prototypes of the modern day sleek and swift pro cover linebacker, is pretty certain he never matched up with a white player before he arrived in the Bengals first draft.

And he’s pretty sure he never huddled up with a Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys white player until that first training camp at Wilmington College. Not in 1968.

“At that time, that’s how it was. I had to deal with that,” says Beauchamp, who stayed home to play his college ball Cheap Al Beauchamp Jersey at Southern University on Scott’s Bluff, within walking distance from his home in Baton Rouge, La.

“I enjoyed it … My family got to see me play,” Beauchamp says. “The playing field was not level. I understood that. My mindset was I was as good as the next person or better than. I relied on my talent.”

As Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders uses his Hall-of-Fame pedigree to put the spotlight on football at historically Cheap Barney Bussey Jersey black colleges and universities, the Bengals just observed the 45th anniversary of head coach Paul Brown’s last and best team that featured a bevy of stars from that tiny game Wholesale Jerseys China that once towered over the NFL landscape.

Those 1975 Bengals went 11-3 with a seventh-ranked defense anchored on Hall-of-Fame caliber corners by Florida A&M’s Ken Riley and Lincoln University’s Lemar Parrish. Beauchamp (“a beautiful athlete,” Bengals Cheap Bob Johnson Jersey center Bob Johnson once said) roamed the middle of the field in the last season of a Bengals career he missed just one game out of 112.

Quarterback Ken Anderson had a plethora of options on the NFL’s second-ranked offense, among them Grambling wide receiver Charlie Joiner and his college teammate, running back Essex Johnson. Johnson worked in Cheap Boobie Clark Jersey a backfield with Bethune-Cookman’s Boobie Clark fronted by Tennessee State’s Vernon Holland at right tackle.

“People think you have to go to a big school to be great. No you don’t. You play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. I didn’t care where I played,” says Parrish, who believes he would have “played on the moon,” if he had to as the only pro to ever come out of Riviera Beach, Fla. “I didn’t have to go to a white school to be great. I was going to be that anyway.”

The ’75 Bengals were one of the teams that helped make it a more even playing field. They were on the tail of the HBCU comet as Cheap Essex Johnson Jersey integration began to streak across the southern sky. Paul Brown’s teams in Cleveland and the American Football League teams in the previous decade and a half were among those that banged on the door.

Samuel G. Freedman, a Columbia University professor who made Riley and Grambling quarterback James Harris the central figures of his book “Breaking the Line,” points to the 1969 Super Bowl champ Chiefs as a turning point for draft rooms facing a merger.

“Nothing changes minds like success,” says Freedman, whose 2013 work details how the power of HBCU football did what Cheap Jess Phillips Jersey most couldn’t or wouldn’t to help hurry desegregation.

Al Beauchamp On Playing For Paul Brown & The Impact Of HBCU Players In The NFL
“It was the upstart AFL that much more avidly scouted and drafted players from the HBCUs. The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders led the way, and when Paul Brown founded the Bengals, they also dipped into Cheap Ken Anderson Jersey the rich waters of the HBCUs — for great players like Ken Riley, Essex Johnson, and Charlie Joiner, among others.”

A year before the Chiefs struck gold with guys like Beauchamp’s Southern teammate Robert Holmes, Brown’s first draft featured Beauchamp and Essex Johnson in the fifth and sixth rounds, respectively. The next one in 1969 brought Riley in the sixth and Parrish arrived in the seventh in 1970.

“Pro football did not have the ironclad segregation that the colleges of the segregated South did until the late ’60s or early ’70s,” Freedman says. “But the pro football track record was inconsistent. A few NFL franchises — the Packers, Steelers, Bears, and Paul Brown’s Cleveland Browns — did regularly Cheap Ken Avery Jersey draft players from the HBCUs. But Washington, for example, did not have any black player at all till the John F Kennedy Administration put on pressure to do so.”

Since his father knew the terrain, Bengals director of player personnel Pete Brown had no problems negotiating the nooks and crannies of the HBCUs. He had the help of former Chargers scout Al LoCasale, brought on board for that first draft before he left to join Al Davis in Oakland in 1969.

(It was LoCasale, after first watching Beauchamp for the Chargers, that recommended him to Paul Brown.)

The Bengals’ latter-day HBCU players reflected the evolution of the game and the country.

Beauchamp, Riley and Parrish switched positions after never playing a down of their pro position before they got to Cheap Ken Riley Jersey Cincinnati. Parrish had been an All-American running back at Lincoln in Jefferson City, Mo., in the last year of the ’60s. But, like Riley, he ended up at cornerback and in his first NFL game Parrish returned a fumble 55 yards for a touchdown in the exhibition opener and Riverfront Stadium’s first game.

And, this is probably no coincidence, both Riley and Parrish went back to their alma maters to coach.

“I could have played wide receiver, I could have played running back, I could have played anywhere on the outside,” Parrish says. “The Bengals wanted me to play both ways, but Paul Brown wouldn’t let them.”

North Carolina Central’s Louis Breeden, a seventh-round pick in 1977, also had to move to a spot he had never played before embarking on a career at cornerback, where he trails only Riley on the Bengals’ all-time interceptions lists. He began life in tiny Hamlet, N.C., glimpsing the last of the Whites Only signs Cheap Lemar Parrish Jersey and sitting in the balcony of the movie theater, but he eventually played on the first integrated teams just before the county consolidated the schools.

While Breeden never thought of going to a large, predominantly white college (“I didn’t know anyone that had”), a decade later Barney Bussey in Lincolton, Ga., could. Georgia and South Carolina came calling in the last year of the ’70s. But after getting an eyeful of guys like Georgia-bound Herschel Walker in a high-school all-star game, Bussey opted for South Carolina State, where he felt he’d get more playing time sooner.

Even when Bussey arrived in Cincinnati via a two-year stint in the USFL in 1986, a good nine years after Breeden had been a rookie, it marked a subtle but seismic shift. A college cornerback, Bussey had moved to safety in the pros.

Still together after all these years
Down On The Corner, They Honor Ken Riley’s Hall-Worthy 65
Leapin’ Lemar’s Hall Case: Deion Before Deion

Al Beauchamp (58), Bill Bergey (66) and John Guillory (28) lift Paul Brown for a ride after winning the 1970 AFC Central.
Gene Smith/AP1970
Al Beauchamp (58), Bill Bergey (66) and John Guillory (28) lift Paul Brown for a ride after winning the 1970 AFC Central.
Breeden had been a safety at Central, but he thought it a bit odd when one of his college coaches congratulated him on getting drafted with the gentle, almost off-hand warning, “Louis, you know you’re not going to be playing safety.”

“I didn’t think much about it, but then I started counting the number of black safeties in the league. You could count them Cheap Louis Breeden Jersey on your fingers,” Breeden says. “If you were black, you weren’t going to play certain positions. You weren’t going to play safety, center, left tackle, middle linebacker. Not quarterback.”

By the time Riley’s son, Florida A&M cornerback Ken Riley II, arrived for a brief tryout in the Bengals’ 1995 minicamp, not only were both starting safeties black, but they were coached by Ron Meeks, an African-American.

“That was the tradition for a lot of black athletes. You knew you were going to be transitioned,” Breeden says. “My transition was easier than Kenny’s just because people were becoming more accepting of the black athlete.

“But to make the transition that Kenny made is mind-boggling. To go from playing quarterback to playing on the other side of the ball at such a tough position and to have a Hall-of-Fame career with 65 interceptions, that’s truly mind-boggling. He was smart, he was physical, he could run.”

Breeden, a Super Bowl starter who retired with 33 interceptions, says it was Riley that taught him the position. He replaced Parrish after he was traded and was often assigned the team’s best receiver, but Breeden says he no one could do what Riley could do.

“The thing that Kenny did better than anyone was track the ball and catch it,” Breeden says. “I was a hell of a center-fielder in baseball. I could go get it. But I couldn’t catch it like Kenny.”

Imagine that first training camp in ’69. A few weeks before he died last summer, Riley told his son about it.

“You come to training camp and there are 40 other cornerbacks,” Riley II recalled back in June. “You’ve never played it before and there’s Paul Brown. If you make a mistake, you’re gone. It didn’t matter if it was camp or the 13th game.”

Riley and Breeden often talked about the roster moves they saw around the NFL in the late ’70s and early ’80s. They were astounded at some of the black players that were cut from teams that desperately needed talent.

“Cincinnati was better than most,” Breeden says. “Paul was usually ahead of everybody.”

One of the African-Americans that broke the pro football color line, Bill Willis, was a Hall of Fame center for Brown in Cleveland. On his first Bengals team, Brown had an African-American at left tackle in Ernie Wright and an African-American at safety in Jess Phillips, replaced the next season by Tennessee State’s Al Coleman and a few years later Fisk’s Neal Craig started for the 1973 AFC Central champs.

But Riley wasn’t playing quarterback.

Not in 1969.

Louis Breeden. who often drew the toughest receiver, goes against Hall of Famer Steve Largent.
Tony Tomsic
Louis Breeden. who often drew the toughest receiver, goes against Hall of Famer Steve Largent.
“If he came into the NFL insisting on playing quarterback,” Breeden says, “he would have been sent back to Bartow, Fla.”

But now, he says, “For the most part, merit reigns supreme. The thing I’m happy to see is the black quarterbacks. Those are guys that have always been making transitions. I’m a Bengal for life, but I (also) root for the Chiefs because of Patrick Mahomes. I just love to see these guys get an opportunity when they weren’t getting it 15, 20, even ten years ago.”

Beauchamp says the best player he faced in college was Tennessee State quarterback Eldridge Dickey, a phenomenon who could throw lasers with either arm. The Raiders drafted him in the 1968 first round and some say he had a better camp than Alabama rookie Ken Stabler. But Stabler got the job and Dickey briefly played wide receiver before he was out of the league.

And yet there were changes, too. Off the field. In his second season, Beauchamp casually welcomed former Giants linebacker Ken Avery into the fold in that Woodstock season of 1969.

They barely knew each other as they both put their keys on a downtown Cincinnati hotel front desk and said they’d share instead of taking the last two rooms. They didn’t know it, but they had just committed some history as the Bengals’ first interracial roommates.

Avery was drawn to Beauchamp’s outgoing personality and welcoming high-pitched laugh. Kenny, who spent part of his youth playing stick ball in the New York City streets, is at ease with all kinds. Plus, Al knew the playbook cold and they spent their time learning from each other. To this day when they talk on the phone, and it’s often after spending six years together, they say, “Love you,” when they say good-bye.

“We had the same goals, the same values, the same upbringing. We were looking to accomplish the same things,” Avery told Bengals.com a few years ago. “His dad whipped his ass for the same things my dad whipped my ass for.”

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That father told Beauchamp he wanted him to stay home to play in college. He had raised eight children alone since Al’s mother died ten years before and if he needed him, he had to be close. And that meant going “across the tracks,” to Southern. Even though he worked out and hung around Louisiana State and the coaches coveted him. Just ten miles away.

“We had a great relationship. The athletic director would visit our high school all the time,” Beauchamp says of LSU. “He gave me a book of colleges and universities and he said, ‘You look in this book and find what school you want to go to and I’ll recommend you … The athletic program is not integrated. We would be recruiting you.'”

Beauchamp thanked him, but he didn’t have to look in the book. He loved the fact that his family could see him play and that he could be there if they needed him.

Beauchamp wouldn’t have had it any other way. You can put Breeden in that camp, too. After no one recruited him out of Hamlet, he went to work in a mill. When he partially cut his thumb off not long after graduation, he knew it was time. Central was there waiting and he walked-on to history.

“In spite of all the inequities we had to live with and hated, there are those strong institutions in the black community. The black churches. Black colleges,” Breeden says. “I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m glad I went to an HBCU. They embraced me and nourished me and helped me be the person I am.”

In Houston, Texas, Eldridge Dickey’s hometown, there is a strapping 15-year-old sophomore by the name of Ken Riley III. He’s 6-2, 6-3 and his dad says he’s trying to figure it out. He’s playing defensive end and tight end, too.

The father says it’s a little too early to say if there is a third generation headed to Florida A&M. But ….

“The majority of my family went there. It’s one of the top schools,” Ken Riley II says. “My dad had chances to go (coach) Division I, but I think he wanted to make sure me and my sisters were taken care of. And he loved it. I’ve got nephews and cousins that have gone there. It’s tradition.”

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PITTSBURGH — — So much for the weight of history. Or practicing. Or having your head coach on the sideline. Or an emotional leader on the field.

The Cleveland Browns overcame all of it. The burden of carrying the mantle of a franchise that’s long been a punchline. A schedule ravaged by a COVID-19 outbreak. A rival that for years has treated them like a harmless little brother.

All of that’s over. For now. And maybe for good.

The Browns dismantled the Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys 48-37 in the wild-card round Sunday night, picking up the franchise’s first postseason victory in more than a quarter-century and earning a trip to Kansas City next Sunday to face the defending Super Bowl champions.

“We believe in the people in the room no matter what’s going on,” quarterback Cheap Baker Mayfield Jersey said. “We knew that everybody was counting us out. There was no extra pressure or anything. No one believed in us besides us.”

Playing with first-year head coach Kevin Stefanski, Pro Bowl guard Cheap Joel Bitonio Jersey and top cornerback Cheap Denzel Ward Jersey back in Cleveland after all tested positive for COVID-19, Cleveland (12-5) raced to the biggest first half by a road team in NFL playoff history then held on.

Mayfield threw for 263 yards and three touchdowns, including a screen pass that Cheap Nick Chubb Jersey turned into a 40-yard score that halted Pittsburgh’s momentum after the Steelers pulled within 12. Cheap Kareem Hunt Jersey added 48 yards and two TDs on the ground while Cleveland’s defense forced five turnovers to hand the Steelers (12-5) a staggering loss.

The victory was the Browns’ first postseason triumph of any kind since beating New England on New Year’s Day 1995 — three months before Mayfield was born — and their first playoff win on the road since Dec. 28, 1969.

The significance wasn’t lost on special teams coordinator Mike Priefer, a Cleveland native who found himself filling in when Stefanski tested positive for COVID-19.

“I grew up (a Browns fan), so I know what this means,” Priefer said.

Cleveland did it despite practicing just once over the last two weeks and having lost 17 straight at Heinz Field. The Browns did it with efficiency and swagger. And they did it with Priefer at the controls and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt taking over the play-calling duties as Stefanski watched in his basement back in Ohio.

“We have a resilient team,” Mayfield said. “Defense played great in the first half and we kind of stalled out and let them climb back in the game, but that’s a great team win right there — guys stepping up all over the board. I’m proud of these guys.”

The Steelers certainly helped, ending a season in which they started 11-0 with a thud that could reverberate for years. Cheap Ben Roethlisberger Jersey ended his comeback season by throwing for 501 yards on an NFL-record 47 completions with four touchdowns and four interceptions.

“I don’t have any magical answers,” Roethlisberger said. “We just didn’t put it together. Tonight, the glaring issues is we turned the ball over.”

And over. And over. And the NFL’s third-ranked defense could do little to stem the tide. The Steelers led the NFL in sacks but failed to get to Mayfield. Cleveland’s 48 points were the most Pittsburgh has given up in the playoffs, surpassing the 45 to Jacksonville in the 2017 playoffs.

Pittsburgh’s problems started on the first play from scrimmage when center Cheap Maurkice Pouncey Jersey snap sailed by Roethlisberger into the end zone. Cleveland’s Cheap Karl Joseph Jersey fell on it for a touchdown. Roethlisberger threw three first-half interceptions, two of which led directly to Browns scores.

By the time the Steelers found their footing, they were down 28-0. Even when they did get it going on a 1-yard touchdown run by Cheap James Conner Jersey with 1:44 to go in the half, the Browns stormed right back. Mayfield capped a cathartic opening half with a masterful 64-yard drive that ended with a 7-yard toss to Cheap Austin Hooper Jersey with 34 seconds remaining. Pittsburgh countered with a field goal in the closing seconds but trailed 35-10 at the break.

Pittsburgh tried to claw back in it. The Steelers pulled within 35-23 at the end of the third quarter. Facing fourth-and-1 at the Pittsburgh 46 on the first play of the fourth, Tomlin opted to punt.

“I wanted to pin them down and maybe provide a short field for their offense,” Tomlin said. “I just wanted to keep the momentum going in terms of field positioning.”

It didn’t work out. The kick bounced into the end zone for a touchback and Mayfield calmly took Cleveland 80 yards in six plays. The sideline erupted as Chubb streaked into the end zone.

So much for the Browns being the Browns, a winking assessment Steelers wide receiver Cheap JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey made about Cleveland in the middle of the week. Regardless of the intent — Smith-Schuster said after the game he didn’t regret it — Mayfield and All-Pro defensive end Cheap Myles Garrett Jersey took it to heart.

Then, in front of a mostly empty stadium and a national audience so accustomed to seeing them stumble, the Browns, who didn’t win a game in Garrett’s first season, took out their frustration by landing one haymaker after another.

“We’re the Cleveland Browns,” Garrett said with a smirk. “Same old Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys.”

Not so much anymore.


Browns: All-Pro tackle Cheap Jack Conklin Jersey was cleared to play after being listed as questionable with an “illness” on Friday. His return didn’t last long. He exited in the first half with a hamstring injury. Guard Michael Dunn, stepping in for Bitonio, left in the fourth quarter with a calf issue.

Steelers: Rookie linebacker Cheap Alex Highsmith Jersey sustained a high ankle sprain in the second half and did not return.


Browns: Will make their first divisional-round appearance since the 1994 playoffs when they face the Chiefs.

Steelers: Head into what will be a busy offseason. Several high-profile players, including Smith-Schuster and outside linebacker Cheap Bud Dupree Jersey, will become free agents. The 38-year-old Roethlisberger will also have to decide whether he wants to return for an 18th season.

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Whenever there’s an injury, NFL coaches pivot to make it a positive. It’s an opportunity for someone else, they say.

In the Ravens’ case, those opportunities have been taken advantage of, and it’s made Baltimore’s already stout defense even stronger down the stretch.

In Sunday’s win over the New York Giants, the Ravens got major contributions from several defensive backups, including cornerback Anthony Averett, linebacker Cheap Chris Board Jersey and rookie defensive tackle Justin Madubuike.

Averett’s contribution was needed the most considering the Ravens were again without starting cornerbacks Cheap Marcus Peters Jersey (calf) and Cheap Jimmy Smith Jersey (ribs/shoulder). Averett played 100 percent of the snaps against the Giants and finished with five tackles and two pass breakups.

Anthony Averett starting to look like he did before his unfortunate collarbone injury.

Good angles and quick feet/reactions to in breaking routes Sunday. Let up a TD but it was a tough rep and Jones had too much time. pic.twitter.com/gWkoG9FHjX

— Spencer N. Schultz (@ravens4dummies) December 29, 2020

“I definitely want to prove myself and my contribution to the team,” Averett said. “The team needed me, and I definitely feel like I stepped up, and I’m going to continue to do that.”

“I’m really just proud of him and the job he’s done,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said immediately after Averett spoke. “You can see what a good person he is, and he’s a very hard worker. It’s good to see him playing so well with his opportunity.”

Averett was a 2018 fourth-round pick out of Alabama, where he was teammates with Marlon Humphrey. But while Humphrey and other Ravens 2018 draft picks such as Cheap Lamar Jackson Jersey, Orlando Brown Jr. and Cheap Mark Andrews Jersey have become stars, Averett has had to wait for his time to shine in the Ravens’ loaded secondary.

He got some defensive playing time last year, including three starts, and was off to a fast start in his limited reps this season until he suffered a slight fracture in his shoulder/collarbone in Philadelphia on Oct. 18. That knocked him out for five games.

“Being out for almost two months, it was definitely tough – just mentally,” Averett said. “But I keep my head in the books. And the team, they needed me to step up and start and play this game. You never know how the chips fall, so I was ready, and I feel like I showed I improved these past two games.”

It remains to be seen whether Peters and/or Smith will return to action for the regular-season finale, but the Ravens know they can rely on Averett against a talented Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys wide receiver corps if not.

“We trust him, and we put him out there on an island sometimes, and he comes up big for us,” outside linebacker Cheap Matthew Judon Jersey said. “That’s what every level has to do on our defense for us to be a great defense; our D-line has to play well, our linebackers have to communicate, and our defensive backs, they’ve got to cover. And when he’s out there, he’s covering people.”

Judon is right about the Ravens’ defense becoming stronger at every level. At linebacker, the Ravens have been thrilled with the development of first-round rookie Cheap Patrick Queen Jersey, but Chris Board has been another up-and-comer who has become an important part of the mix.

Board registered two sacks against the Giants. He only had a ½ sack previously in his entire career. He played 36 percent of the defensive snaps.

In his third season, Board has become recognized as one of the league’s top special teams players. While he takes pride in that, it’s gratifying for the former undrafted North Dakota State product to contribute on defense too.

“I’m just trying to go out and do whatever I can to help us win. Whatever is asked of me, I just go out and do it to the best of my ability. It feels really good though,” Board said.

After the game, Harbaugh said Board has played “excellent football” and is becoming a regular in the inside linebacker rotation with Cheap L.J. Fort Jersey and rookie Cheap Malik Harrison Jersey.

“He’s becoming a really good inside linebacker,” Harbaugh said of Board. “Very rarely do you see the guys who excel on special teams the first couple of years and grow into that not become really good defensive players. … He’s making tackles. He’s covering well. I think he’s really making a name for himself.”

The Ravens’ rookie class has been excellent this season, and one of the latest to emerge is Madubuike. The third-round pick from Texas A&M got a late start because of a leg injury suffered in training camp, which sidelined him for the first four games. He missed more action because of COVID-19.

But Madubuike has played the last three weeks, including some important reps with Cheap Calais Campbell Jersey sidelined. He has flashed his quickness, power and relentless motor, and against the Giants, he got his first career sack.

As the Ravens look to keep their veterans on the defensive line fresh, the rookie can be a difference-maker behind them.

Cheap Justin Madubuike Jersey had another really good game; he keeps getting better every single week,” Harbaugh said.

Lamar Jackson was the NFL’s MVP last year. This year, he’ll have to settle for Ravens MVP, but that will be just fine with him as long as Baltimore continues its run.

The Ravens’ media corps voted Jackson as the team MVP for the second straight season, becoming the first Ravens player to win in back-to-back seasons since running back Ray Rice (2011 and 2012).

Cornerback Cheap Marlon Humphrey Jersey finished second in voting and offensive tackle Cheap Orlando Brown Jr. Jersey and kicker Cheap Justin Tucker Jersey were tied for third.

As is customary for Jackson, he was thankful, yet modest.

“I appreciate that,” Jackson said. “You know, I always tell you guys I feel like that’s a team award. We’ve been through so much adversity this year and humps and stuff like that. Guys just found a way to pull through and keep fighting, especially for this playoff run.”

It was a challenging start for Jackson coming off last year’s historic season. All eyes were on him, including from opposing defenses.

Jackson had some tough games in the first half of the season, particularly in the team’s first two losses against Kansas City and Pittsburgh. After a home defeat to the Steelers in which he turned the ball over four times, including his first career pick-six, Jackson put the loss on his shoulders.

The Ravens went on a three-game losing skid and Jackson caught COVID-19. He had a tough bout with the virus, which kept him sidelined for the third of those defeats in Pittsburgh – a loss that knocked the Ravens out of contention for the AFC North crown.

But since returning, Jackson has also returned to his MVP form from a year ago. Over the past four weeks, he’s thrown for eight touchdowns to two interceptions, run for four touchdowns and posted 80 or more rushing yards in three of the four games.

No performance was more inspiring than his Monday Night Football win over the Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys, when Jackson came back from cramps just in time to throw a fourth-and-5 touchdown pass and put the Ravens in position for Tucker’s 55-yard game-winner.

Head Coach John Harbaugh said he’s “very proud” of the resiliency Jackson has shown this season.

“He’s a guy that can look tough situations squarely in the eye and try to figure out a way to overcome them,” Harbaugh said. “He never gets too down about anything. He’s always upbeat and always works hard.”

In his third season, Jackson has a chance to lead the Ravens to the playoffs for the third straight year as their starter – an accomplishment not many quarterbacks have pulled off.

He took over midway through his rookie season in 2018 and galvanized the team down the stretch, winning six of the final seven regular-season games. He was the driving force in the team’s franchise-best 14-2 season last year. And now he has been the catalyst in Baltimore’s turnaround from a 6-5 record to their current win-and-get-in Week 17 scenario.

Jackson replaced another Ravens quarterback who enjoyed immediate NFL success. Joe Flacco and the Ravens went to the playoffs each of his first five seasons, winning a Super Bowl in his fifth year in 2012. The Ravens are hoping they can climb that mountain two years sooner with Jackson.

“Lamar is a special person. He’s a talented guy, of course,” Harbaugh said. “He’s in the process of proving himself, and making a name for himself, and building a career as a quarterback in the National Football League. … We’re proud to be a part of it and we’ll help in every way we can.”