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The Steelers fell behind early but responded with 27 unanswered points and stayed undefeated with a 27-3 victory over the Jaguars this afternoon at TIAA Bank Stadium in Jacksonville.

The Steelers improved to 10-0.

The Jaguars lost their ninth straight and fell to 1-9.

The focus turned immediately in the aftermath to Thursday night’s hosting of Baltimore (6-4 after an overtime loss to the Titans and third in the AFC North Division behind the Steelers and 7-3 Cleveland).

A potential regular-season record of 16-0 remains off the Steelers’ radar.

GAME PHOTOS: Week 11 at Jacksonville Jaguars
Game action photos from the Steelers’ Week 11 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at TIAA Bank Field

“Just focus on one week at a time, and that’s what this team has done,” quarterback Cheap Ben Roethlisberger Jersey said. “We’re not chasing perfection, we’re chasing a Lombardi (Trophy).”

Roethlisberger’s 20-yard touchdown pass to tight end Cheap Eric Ebron Jersey with 6:40 left in the fourth quarter provided the exclamation point in Jacksonville. Kicker Cheap Chris Boswell Jersey extra point accounted for the final margin.

“We did the job,” head coach Mike Tomlin said. “We checked the boxes.

“It wasn’t perfect, but nothing’s perfect about us except our record.”

Wide receiver Cheap Diontae Johnson Jersey had his second consecutive 100-yard game receiving, with 12 catches for 111 yards.

Boswell’s 47-yard field goal with 10:21 left in regulation had been the only scoring in the second half prior to the Roethlisberger-to-Ebron touchdown.

The Steelers have scored at least 24 points in every game this season.

“We gotta put more points on the board,” Roethlisberger insisted. “Offensively, we got the win but we know we need to be better.”

Roethlisberger went 32-for-46 passing, for 267 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception, before being relieved late by Cheap Mason Rudolph Jersey.

HIGHLIGHTS: Steelers vs. Jaguars Week 11
The Steelers gained 110 yards on their first 24 rushing attempts after failing to crack the 50-yard plateau on the ground in three consecutive games. Their final possession consisted of Rudolph kneeling three times and losing 4 yards while running out the clock.

Running back Cheap James Conner Jersey had 89 yards on 13 carries (a 6.8 average).

“We weren’t down on ourselves,” he said of the running game. “We knew we had an opportunity to keep growing.”

Running back Cheap Benny Snell Jersey 1-yard touchdown run with 44 seconds left prior to halftime gave the Steelers a two-score lead. The Steelers drove 61 yards on seven plays in 2:13 after nose tackle Cheap Tyson Alualu Jersey pass deflection and free safety Cheap Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey interception and 37-yard return to the Steelers’ 39-yard line. Boswell’s extra point put the Steelers ahead, 17-3.

The Steelers achieved their first lead of the afternoon on a 31-yard touchdown pass from Roethlisberger to wide receiver Cheap Chase Claypool Jersey. The possession covered 71 yards over six plays in 2:49. The touchdown was Claypool’s eighth receiving and 10th overall in 10 games. Boswell’s extra point made it a 10-3 game.

Boswell had tied the game at 3-3 with a 44-yard field goal with 10:45 left in the second, a kick that capped a nine-play, 50-yard drive in 4:15.

The Jaguars took a 3-0 lead on the game’s first possession. Jacksonville’s nine-play, 52-yard drive in 4:03 was culminated by kicker Chase McLaughlin’s 41-yard field goal.

Boswell missed a 45-yard try with 8:47 left in the first quarter, which snapped streaks of 14 straight field goals this season and 25 in a row overall dating back to last season.

An interception in the Jacksonville end zone on the last play of the first half denied the Steelers a chance to add to their advantage.

The Steelers outscored the Jaguars, 17-0, out-gained them, 185-69, and possessed the ball for 9:46 in the second quarter. Strong safety Cheap Terrell Edmunds Jersey also had an interception, his first of the season, in the quarter.

Edmunds and Fitzpatrick each accounted for their second interception on the day, the third and fourth collected by the Steelers’ defense, in the fourth quarter.

Defensive end Cheap Stephon Tuitt Jersey sack of quarterback Jake Luton in the third quarter extended the Steelers’ streak to 67 games with at least one sack, two shy of the NFL-record of 69 (Tampa Bay, 1999-2003). The defense finished with two sacks.

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NATHAN HURDLESTON FROM CLEVELAND, OH: When I was a little kid, Louis Lipps was my favorite player. I don’t even remember much about him, except a vague memory of a big kick return. What are a couple of Louis Lipps’ career highlights that might make me feel young again?
ANSWER: What I always will remember about Louis Lipps was how it began. He was the Steelers first-round pick in the 1984 NFL Draft, and during the 1983 season the Steelers’ primary weapons at wide receiver were Calvin Sweeney; John Stallworth, who was injured through much of the season; Gregg Garrity; and Paul Skansi. For that reason adding offensive weapons to the receiving corps was a priority in 1984, and Lipps was the first-round pick. In his first regular season game, Lipps showed immediately that he was worthy of being a No. 1 pick. While Steelers quarterbacks David Woodley and Mark Malone combined to complete 22-of-41 passes (53.7 percent), Stallworth and Lipps showed themselves to be a dynamic combination. Stallworth led with team with six catches for 167 yards and a touchdown, and Lipps caught six passes for 183 yards (30.5 average) and touchdowns of 80 and 21 yards. Lipps finished his rookie season with 45 catches, but he was a big-play machine by averaging 19.1 yards per reception to go along with nine receiving touchdowns, plus another touchdown as a punt returner. After he retired, I would run into Lipps occasionally because he has made Pittsburgh his full-time home, and we would talk about him being too late to play with Terry Bradshaw and too early to play with Ben Roethlisberger.

JAMES MAC PHERSON FROM BEACHWOOD, NJ: Let’s say the Steelers finish 13-3 and all of the other teams in the AFC finish with four or more losses. By losing to the Ravens on Thanksgiving, the season series with the Ravens would be tied, but the Steelers end up losing out in the tiebreaker with more losses to common opponents Thus, Baltimore wins the division, but we have best record in the AFC, thus deserving the bye. What would happen then?
ANSWER: If the Steelers finish 13-3, and the Ravens finish with more than three losses, the Steelers win the AFC North. It doesn’t go to division tiebreakers if the teams aren’t tied atop the division, and the way I know they wouldn’t be tied atop the division is because – by your own description – the Steelers have three losses and the Ravens have at least four. Might be time to quit researching tiebreakers and maybe crack a fourth-grade arithmetic book instead.

LARRY DOUGLAS FROM PITTSBURGH, PA: I’ve heard Coach Mike Tomlin and others talk about being comfortable with Mason Rudolph as Ben Roethlisberger’s backup. Of course we aren’t seeing what goes on behind closed doors. In your opinion is their decision for Rudolph to remain No. 2 a good one, or are they perhaps hoping for a Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers relationship to evolve, or do you think within the next year or two we will see a high draft pick at the quarterback position?
ANSWER: First of all, when President Art Rooney II, General Manager Kevin Colbert, and Coach Mike Tomlin all said publicly back in January/February that they were comfortable with Cheap Mason Rudolph Jersey being Ben Roethlisberger’s backup, their sentiment didn’t have anything to do with how the team might proceed once Roethlisberger decided to retire. In my opinion, Roethlisberger is going to play into his 40s. He’s 38 years old now.

RAY WATSON FROM BROMLEY, UNITED KINGDOM: What happens when a kickoff hits the goal posts and bounces back into the field of play?
ANSWER: It’s a dead ball, a touchback, and the receiving team takes over on its 25-yard line.

NICHOLAS MOSES FROM SIMI VALLEY, CA: How much of the struggling run game do you believe is James Conner’s fault?
ANSWER: Every individual involved in the Steelers running game, and I do mean every individual, shares responsibility, but in watching the games – and I do not study video – I see more instances of problems getting the plays blocked than I see Cheap James Conner Jersey missing holes.

BRIAN GRIEDEL FROM EL CERRITO, CA: One question you answered recently was how far back from the line of scrimmage may the placekicker place the ball for an attempt. You answered “as far as he likes.” Follow-up question: is there much variation between NFL kickers on this distance or do most pretty much do the same thing?
ANSWER: Had I known there was this much interest in what I initially perceived to be a minor issue, I would’ve gone into more detail with my first answer. First of all, the decision about where to place the ball behind the line of scrimmage typically belongs to the coaching staff, and it’s usually set in the neighborhood of 7-8 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Where it’s ultimately placed has to do with the protection and not the strength of the kicker’s leg.

JONATHAN PHILLIPS FROM KNOXVILLE, TN: Is there any plausible way a first-round draft pick gets cut before the starts of his rookie season (besides illegal off the field issues)? Has it ever happened before?
ANSWER: Based on all that goes into a team’s decision on a first-round draft pick in terms of man-hours and travel expense that make up the scouting process, I would say there is no way a team would cut that player for performance issues before the start of his rookie season. And since the NFL first instituted the draft in 1936 and the process was much less sophisticated, I have no idea if it ever happened before. I can tell you that many men who were drafted highly by NFL teams opted to do something with their lives other than play professional football. One such player was Bill Shakespeare, a Notre Dame halfback who was the third overall pick of the NFL’s inaugural draft in 1936. Shakespeare finished the 1935 college football season as Notre Dame’s leader in most offensive categories, including passing (19-of-66 for 267 yards), rushing (374 on 104 carries and four touchdowns), punting (40-yard average on 45 punts), kickoff returns (24.6 average on five returns), and scoring (24 points). He was selected as a consensus first-team All-American and finished third in the voting for the first-ever Heisman Trophy, behind Jay Berwanger and Monk Moscrip. Those college credentials made Shakespeare the first-ever first-round pick in Steelers history, but he skipped the chance to play professional football and went to work for the Cincinnati Rubber Company, where he would become the company’s president in 1960. He died in 1974 at the age of 61.

DAVE PERKINS FROM PICKERINGTON, OH: I was wondering if anyone has asked why Cheap Benny Snell Jersey can’t get any carries? I love James Conner’s story, and I understand much of what the running game does depends on the offensive line, but I can’t understand why Benny Snell doesn’t get more opportunities than he does.
ANSWER: When the running game isn’t productive, nobody gets “enough” carries. Coach Mike Tomlin said again at his weekly news conference that James Conner is the primary running back, and that decision isn’t made because of anything but what’s best for the team in its effort to win the game each week. There are those who advocate for more playing time for Anthony McFarland because of his quickness and speed, but who trusts him to step up and stone a pass rusher about to smash Cheap Ben Roethlisberger Jersey? I believe the first step for the running game is to find a way to be successful/effective with Conner, and once that happens other players/plays can be spooned into the repertoire.

ALAN FLEEGER FROM EDEN, UT: Speaking of the lack of a running game I am curious why we aren’t playing Anthony McFarland more? While attending the last two games I made it a point to select seats in the end zone because I wanted to watch the plays develop. It has been my observation that the offensive line creates the openings but our backs are too slow to hit the hole. Wouldn’t it make sense to let a faster/quicker back get some carries?
ANSWER: Let’s pretend you’re the coach. When you send Anthony McFarland into the game, are you only interested in running plays that call for a quick-hitting back to find a hole between the tackles? Because if you are, that won’t work for very long, because the opposing defense will adjust. If your idea is to have McFarland on the field for a full quarter or a full half, are you confident he can be a part of the pass protection? Because if he mis-reads a blitz or whiffs on a block and Ben Roethlisberger get hurt, then you, coach, would deserve to get fired. The idea is to win the game. Don’t forget that. I don’t disagree that there are some things McFarland might do well, maybe better than the guys ahead of him on the depth chart, but there is more to being a running back in the NFL than carrying the football. And on this team this season, the ability to block for the quarterback and understand blitzes to do that job is critical.

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Although Cheap Ben Roethlisberger Jersey was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list Tuesday, the Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys are optimistic their quarterback will be available for Sunday’s game against the Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys.

The team placed Roethlisberger and three others on the reserve/COVID-19 list after they were deemed high-risk close contacts with tight end Cheap Vance McDonald Jersey, who returned a positive test for the virus Monday.

“Those guys will be working remotely throughout the week and testing daily,” coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday afternoon. “As long as their tests come back negative, we believe that all four guys have an opportunity to be made available to us on Saturday.”

As high-risk contacts, Roethlisberger, OL Cheap Jerald Hawkins Jersey, RB Cheap Jaylen Samuels Jersey and LB Cheap Vince Williams Jersey must isolate for five days after their last contact with McDonald, and they cannot return to the UPMC Rooney practice facility for at least those five days. They are allowed to participate in team meetings virtually.

All four will be tested throughout the week. The protocols put in place for COVID-19 high-risk contacts have been shown to be especially effective, NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills said in a conference call Tuesday. In the past two weeks, three people identified as high-risk close contacts ended up testing positive during the period of isolation, Sills said.

“That’s a big validation of that approach and what we’re trying to accomplish,” he said.


NFL coronavirus cases on rise along with nation

The Steelers are 8-0 but still a bit of a mystery

Steelers TE McDonald tests positive for virus
If Roethlisberger continues to test negative and doesn’t display any symptoms, he’ll be able to play Sunday — though he would be doing so without any practice reps. He would be eligible to participate in the team walk-through Saturday.

Tomlin, though, isn’t worried about Roethlisberger or fellow veteran Williams playing without practicing.

“I’m not overly concerned about it,” Tomlin said. “This guy has been doing it for 17 years. He has snap experience that he can call upon. We’re still going to work extremely hard virtually to prepare. Lot of his work is above the neck anyway. In terms of preparation, I have very little concern about it, to be quite honest with you.”

Dealing with “bumps and bruises” to his knees stemming from Sunday’s win in Dallas, Roethlisberger likely would have rested some during this week’s preparation, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, and the extra rest will benefit both Roethlisberger and Williams, Tomlin said.

The sore knees, though, would not have affected Roethlisberger’s availability for Sunday, Tomlin confirmed.

Cheap Mason Rudolph Jersey and Josh Dobbs will take practice reps in Roethlisberger’s place. While Rudolph will take the bulk of those snaps, Tomlin didn’t rule out using either if Roethlisberger is unavailable Sunday.

“We’ll play it by ear as we proceed through the week,” he said. “I’m not opposed to playing anybody that increases our chances of winning based on what we’re looking at.”

While Roethlisberger is said to have “been diligent” with his behavior around others in regard to the pandemic, he has been seen on the sideline talking to McDonald without wearing a mask. The two are friends and have lockers close to each other. Roethlisberger, however, has not tested positive.

Sills previously said the deciding factor for high-risk designation is often determined by whether the person had close contact while not wearing a mask.

Throughout the season, Roethlisberger has been a vocal advocate of taking precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“We need to be cautious, be careful and protect each other,” Roethlisberger said in October. “Fans are allowed in the stadium, which means we’re allowed to have guests in town and things like that. In the Roethlisberger family, we’re not changing anything. No guests are coming in town. But there are a few challenges that have been presented, and so hopefully guys can continue to be as cautious and as careful as we have been to this point.”

McDonald was placed on the COVID-19 list Monday night after his positive test and must isolate for at least 10 days.

The Steelers believe they followed protocols with McDonald, a league source told Fowler. Despite missing Friday’s practice with an illness designation, McDonald traveled with the team on a plane to Dallas on Saturday, and all people on the plane were wearing masks, Tomlin said. Before Saturday’s departure, McDonald came into the Steelers’ facility feeling good, and he consulted with the team’s in-house infectious disease director, a league source told Fowler.

Because of its range of symptoms and delay in positive test result, diagnosing COVID-19 is a “challenging medical situation,” Sills said. “I think the approach that our team physicians are taking is, we always assume something is COVID until proven otherwise.”

Sills added that team physicians don’t rely on testing to completely rule out a COVID-19 diagnosis.

“We all recognize that people can develop symptoms in absence of a positive test,” Sills said. “It’s something you have to treat on a case-by-case basis. … We’ve seen many cases throughout the year where that has been the case. We’ve said consistently. We probably will have more cases where players, coaches and staff will miss a game, even without a positive test, simply because they report symptoms.”

While the NFL and NFLPA are in frequent communication with teams on COVID-19-related matters, teams are not required to contact the league over a player having flu-like symptoms. It’s not clear whether the Steelers officially contacted the league about McDonald.

“Those aren’t decisions that are made by us,” Tomlin said of McDonald traveling. “It’s really cut-and-dried. It’s all in the procedural policy of COVID established in New York by the NFL. As long as he is negative and not showing signs of COVID, he’s able to travel, and he was and we did.

“We utilize all the mechanisms at our disposal to minimize the potential of interaction. We’re all masked up, we’re all exercising good personal hygiene and social distancing. We’re doing all the things that are asked, and that’s our mindset regarding it.”

McDonald’s positive result stemmed from a test performed Sunday, and the results were returned Sunday night or Monday morning, Tomlin said.

The team remains in the intensive COVID-19 protocol dating to last week after Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys DB Cheap Marlon Humphrey Jersey tested positive following the Steelers-Ravens game.

Tomlin and the organization were fined $350,000 in total for violating face-covering protocols in that game, but Tomlin said Tuesday that they did not inquire about the nature of the violations.

“I didn’t ask, to be quite honest with you,” he said. “We just accepted it, the punishment, and went on with our day. We’re working extremely hard to comply in all areas, and those efforts will continue.”

This week, the Steelers have implemented additional precautions to further isolate any potential spread of the virus and are conducting all meetings virtually. Visits to the training room and weight room will also be done on a rotational schedule, Tomlin said.

The Steelers can look to the Ravens’ timeline with Humphrey’s positive test on Nov. 2 for an idea of this week’s timeline.

Humphrey was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list Monday to begin his 10-day quarantine. The next day, the Ravens placed seven players identified as high-risk contacts of Humphrey on the list. Cheap Matthew Judon Jersey was removed from the list Thursday, while the other six were activated Saturday. Six of the players played in Sunday’s win against the Indianapolis Colts. Now only Humphrey remains on the list.

“How we manage it, the players that we choose to utilize, how we highlight their positive traits, how we work to minimize some of the negative traits or lack of experience is a big component of us pushing through this,” Tomlin said. “These are issues that everybody in the league has to deal with, and so from that standpoint, it’s fair and the playing field is fair. We’re working our tails off to adhere to the protocol.”